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The Top Website Mistakes to Avoid

Designing a website, much like anything else in life, is a tricky business and mistakes can be made. Unfortunately, mistakes can sink a business in this day and age. If a website can’t hook readers, then it might as well not be up there at all. Many businesses have been making these mistakes and hurting

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An Explanation of Web Hosting

For most individuals and businesses web hosting is a common phrase thrown around during website development, but not a lot of people know what it means or how to use it effectively. Basically, every single website, both big and small, is stored on massive servers. Their data, videos, images, and texts all exist in a

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How to Create a User-Friendly Website

When businesses and companies set out to make a website, the most important goal for the site is to be user-friendly. They can have the world’s greatest product or service that could change the world for millions of consumers, and yet if their site isn’t user-friendly their sales will suffer. The definition of User-Friendly is

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