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How Hiring a Website Designer Helped My Business

How Hiring a Website Designer Helped My Business

I am constantly asked by my fellow entrepreneurs whether website design is worth the cost. Most people assume that a self-made website can be just as effective.

I am here to tell you that it is always best to go with the professionals. Unless an entrepreneur has previous experience creating websites, I would always recommend hiring a top website designer.

Here are a few ways that a website designer helped my business.

  1. Creating a Unique Website

Before I turned to a site designer, I had the same view as many entrepreneurs. I figured that I could create a site using WordPress or some other hosting service. I would use one of the templates and customize it to my liking.

When the site was up, I noticed that I was not getting much traction. Even with some SEO work, I was not getting much traffic. It is when I decided that I needed a professional to create and optimize a site for me.

The results were immediate. I now had a website that looked professional, unique and sleek. It loaded perfectly on smartphones and tablets too.

  1. Saving Time

It is incredible how much time it takes to create and maintain a site. It is the type of work that seems easy at first, but can be a real time suck. I found myself spending way too much time trying to perfect every aspect of my site.

And the worst part is that all that effort was not yielding the results I needed. I was spending all this time on the site, but it still looked amateurish and very ordinary.

  1. Boosting Traffic

When I consulted with a website designer, I was told about the depth of their services. Not only would they create a professional site for my new business, but they would also use SEO to ensure that it had the right amount of traffic coming onto it.

It is imperative that when you choose a web design service that you get one with SEO services included. While you may have to do some SEO work on your own later, the website designer will set you up perfectly.

  1. Adding Credibility and Authority

Looks matter, even online. In fact, they matter even more online. When someone arrives on my professionally designed website, they will take my business seriously.

When they would see my WordPress site that I had put together myself, I was giving off a completely different vibe. I was trying to show that I was an authority in my field, but my site gave me away as someone small time.

There is no doubt that entrepreneurs have to look at the associated cost of every service they receive. And there are instances where doing the work myself is the best option.

But when it comes to creating a quality website for my new business, I am so glad that I chose the professionals. I do not think my business would be in the healthy position it is in today if I had continued to use that WordPress site I created on my own.

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