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The Top Website Mistakes to Avoid

The Top Website Mistakes to Avoid

Designing a website, much like anything else in life, is a tricky business and mistakes can be made. Unfortunately, mistakes can sink a business in this day and age. If a website can’t hook readers, then it might as well not be up there at all.

Many businesses have been making these mistakes and hurting the sales and exposure of their products, but thankfully it’s not too late to start fixing them and getting things back on track. Some of these mistakes are easy to fix while others are more difficult, but all of them will increase marketing for businesses and make your website matter in the eyes of consumers.

Like it or not, phones are basically mobile computers and more and more people are starting to do business on them. When a website is not mobile friendly and doesn’t show up good on a phone, then people feel cheated and that the company isn’t respecting mobile users.

Speed and accessibility are the things mobile users care about the most, and if the company’s mobile version doesn’t give those then people will look for a website that does. Speed is the key in this day and age, to the point where people will click away from your site in less than 3 seconds if it doesn’t load.

Large fonts

Not only do they grab and keep attention for users, but they also are reader friendly. Having font sizes that readers have to struggle to read is a big problem for the impatient people in this world that make up the majority.

This is especially a problem on mobile devices, so if text isn’t readable on a phone screen it’s more than likely time to make it bigger and speak with a website designer. Another small issue includes having small click boxes around hyperlinks and other text that takes users to different parts of the website.

A point and click mouse is a lot more accurate than a human finger, so if companies don’t take that into account for the mobile versions of their websites it can add to the frustration of users.

One window site

It’s annoying on both desktop and mobile when a click on one page opens up a new window, and then three more clicks do the same thing which forces the user to go back and forth in order to get to where they want to go. Even more so if these windows are all advertisements.

This can make navigating the site a real chore and forces people to leave the site out of annoyance, so be sure that those popup windows are really necessary or see about removing them.

Always take the time as a business to embrace every side of a customers’ life and make the tools work for them. If people are using mobile devices, have a trend to lean towards speed and efficiency, and want their browsing to be company, make sure to design the website to meet those needs and everything will fall into place.

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