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Three Ways I Improved the Quality and Performance of My Website

Three Ways I Improved the Quality and Performance of My Website

Many business owners assume that just having a website is good enough.

While that may have been true a few years ago, simply having a working website is not sufficient. When people visit business websites, they are expecting a lot.

They want a site that looks good, provides valuable information, loads quickly and does not overwhelm them either.


Improving My Company’s Website

A few years ago, my company was in a situation where internet traffic was down. I was not sure where I was going wrong, as I was using social media and SEO to try and drive traffic.

It did not click at first, but I eventually realized the look and performance of my site were the issues.

People were coming onto my site, but they were not staying for very long. They were unimpressed with what they were seeing, which meant they were unlikely to come back.


Three Changes I Made to My Site

  1. Security and Performance

Many business owners ignore these two aspects of their website. I was guilty of doing the same. I did not care much if my site took an extra few seconds to load, compared to comparable sites. I felt that it was no big deal.

But Google puts a lot of importance on page load times and the user experience on the site. Having graphics and other items on a site is helpful, but it should never come at the expense of load times.

I did a lot of work to ensure that my site was loading quickly on all types of devices. I saw an immediate uptick in traffic.

I also did a lot of work related to security, ensuring that I had HTTPS properly set up for the security of people visiting my site. It is a bit of a complicated process, but there are many step-by-step guides available online.

  1. Clarity of Message

Having too many pages on a business website can be a hindrance, if those pages are presenting the user with mixed messages.

It was an issue for my site, as I had far too much information on some of the pages. I had thought that going in depth would be helpful. But it turns out I was overwhelming people, who wanted basic information.

Web copy is so crucial these days. When a person lands on my site, they will not be there for longer than a few seconds. If their attention is not grabbed in those seconds, I have failed.

I made sure that all the content I was creating was providing clear, concise information in a fun way. I even embedded videos to help explain more complex information quickly.

  1. Adding Multiple Payment Options

When selling products or services online, customers should have a lot of payment options. And it is better if those payment options are related to a third party where the customer feels safe.

For instance, I decided to add the PayPal payment portal onto my site. Instead of people entering their card details on my checkout page, it was a quick redirect to PayPal. I believe this step helped me close many sales, as people were comfortable entering their card details.

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